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Indian and World Arts and Crafts(1986): Kasturi Badu( now pattanaik), a talented upcoming odissi exponent, in the role of Radha excelled. Her facial expressions and abhinaya as mentally disturbed Radha were superb.

Times of India(2003): Kasturi Pattanaik and group performing Odissi dance on the first day of the 'Odia Mahotshav 2003' (Raipur). The large gathering of people in Rag Mandir was ready to see the glittering performance of renowned Odissi dancers led by Kasturi Pattanaik and group. The rhythm of the dancers that includes four female and four male dancers spell-bound the gathering for more than half an hour.

Indian Express(2005): It was an honour for senior dancer and choreographer Kasturi Pattanaik to be invited to the Bhopal based Bharat Bhawan to perform in "Saptak"-the recently concluded annual national cultural festival.

Indian Express(2005): It was the dance drama 'Krishnasara Mriga' performed by 21 young students and choreographed by Mrs.Kasturi pattanaik that prompted spontaneous appreciation from the audience.

Indian Express : It was Nirad Kumar Dehury,a disciple of noted odissi dancer Mrs. Kasturi Pattanaik, who presented a polusating performance. His excellent display of body language gave glimpses of the potential this budding male dancer possesses and Kasturi Pattanaik’s calibre as a Choreographer.

Indian and world Arts and Crafts:(September/86) Sincerity, Diligences and devotion are the symptoms for a young talent who earns name and fame in cultural arena. After witnessing Kasturi Badu (Pattanaik) in the heroine role in Oriya films “Radha” and as Shaibya in “Raja Harishchandra” dance drama presented by Utkal Sangeet Samaj in Cuttack Doordarshan Kendra, art lovers and cine-goers were talking about Kasturi.

The Hindu:(July-9th 2004) Dance Drama “Krishnasara Mruga” choreographed by Mrs. Kasturi Pattanaikwas presented by 21 artists, which was enlivened the evening.

Indian Express:(August 28th 2004) Danceuse Kasturi Pattanaik performing Odissi dance as a tribute to eminent dancer late Sanjukta Panigrahi at a function in Bhubaneswar was awesome.